Albuquerque West side # 1 Kenpo Karate School since 2004


Mission Statement

Our principle here is to perpetuate the art of Kenpo Karate with passion and integrity, in hope of changing the lives of our students in a positive way and best of all, to serve others with respect and sincerity.


We teach a traditional American Kenpo Karate system that was developed by our late Grand Master William (Bill) Packer. However, as is with any other martial arts, the system is continuously being refined to provide the best possible training in Kenpo Karate.

The UKKA program is specifically designed for students of all ages and fitness levels.  We specialize in a child’s positive character and self-esteem development.  This will enhance their ability to do better academically which has been proven to be successful since 2004.  They will develop a “YES I CAN” attitude and learn to become more respectful, confident, focused and at the same time, become stronger and more flexible through balanced training of mind and body.  Best of all they will learn a structure of self-defense techniques that will give them the physical ability and inner strength to deal with bullies while avoiding conflicts.

Our Programs

We offer the following programs:

  • Little Dragon Kinder Karate program: for younger children ages from 4 to 6.
  • Youth program: for young children ages from 7 to 14
  • Junior & Adult program: for all others ages 15 years old and up.
  • Self-Defense program: for female teenagers & adult. Class will be conducted in private session and by appointment only.
  • Tai Chi program: for all ages and being taught by Grand Master John P. Nieto from Ch’uan Fa America.

We also promote a family environment by offering a special family discount rate that is attractive and affordable and open to all members of the family.

Our schedule (class schedule_0117) is more flexible and the training is self-paced which allows everyone to progress at their own rate while developing self-esteem, confidence and the ability to defend themselves.

Classes are very energetic, exciting, fun and challenging. Check us out and see the difference for yourself, YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID!


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