Black Belt Test Class of 2017 on June 9th and 10th is a complete success
  • May thanks to the Instructors, Staff, Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Ana Sanchez, Mr. & Mrs. Sackett and Mrs. Guerrero for lending a helping hands.
  • Special thanks to Mr. Dave Roberts for providing the photography during those two days. It will soon be uploaded on YouTube/ukka. Can’t wait!
  • Candidates, you are rock! Proud to all.

_ Third Degree: Timothy Ibarra – Olivia Bourne

_ Second Degree: Jude Cox – Courtney Bourne

_ First Degree: Mark Perea – Mariana Guerrero

_ Third Degree Junior: Scott Sackett – Michael Stone

_ Second Degree Junior: Justine Castro

_First Degree Junior: Jonathan Buckner – Paul Sanchez III – Marky Evans